Friday, 2 December 2016

Life in miniature

I've always found miniature books very appealing.  Something about the attention to detail, and being able to hold this miniature work of art in the palm of your hand is incredibly satisfying.  I first became inspired to make some miniature books after purchasing the wonderful book 'The Neale M. Albert Collection of Miniature Designer Bindings', from an exhibition held at the John Rylands Library in Manchester.  The designer bindings were a revelation to me, introducing me to a whole new dimension in bookbinding, and the fact that they were miniatures only added to the appeal.  My creations were also a useful way to use up all the extra materials left over after making 'proper' sized books, and although they were blank inside, and technically not really 'miniature' (miniature books by definition are sized between 0.5 inches square to roughly 2 x 3 inches, and no larger than 3 inches in height, width or thickness), I still like to refer to them as miniature books, and continually delight in their compact, small but perfectly formed, nature.

In preparation for Christmas, I've been working on some miniatures which double up as Christmas tree ornaments.  Left blank inside, they are hardback and embellished with images of vintage Christmas flowers and plants placed beneath a cabochon.

For more information about this intriguing art form, I recommend having a look at the Miniature Book Society website, and of course, check out some of the awesome artists on Etsy, who create some wonderful examples of this book form.

  Until next time, bye for now x
Miniature Christmas book decorations

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