Friday, 7 October 2016

Take a seat...The Little Book of Chairs

It's been a long time since I posted a blog.  A long list of excuses covering everything from bereavement to redundancy and mid-life crisis could be legitimately used to explain my absence, but rather than bore you with the details, I'll simply ask you to accept my apologies, and sit back and relax to enjoy the latest posting, which looks at my latest project - on the theme of...chairs.

I'm no antiques expert, but I've always loved those old-fashioned, button-back chairs in leather or velvet.  To me, they are like works of art, extolling the virtues of craftsmanship and skill belonging to another age.

Partly inspired by a similar chair, which takes pride of place in our living room, and partly inspired by some wonderful black and white illustrations found on the 'Graphics Fairy' website, I decided to create a memento dedicated to the beauty of the button back chair in the form of an accordion picture book.

I wanted to convey the sumptuousness and elegance of this style of seating, and originally, had plans to house the book in a mock, padded chair-type structure.  I even created a padded piece covered in leather and upholstery tacks, but wasn't overly keen on the effect.

As so often happens during the creative process, the original ideas don't always materialise in the way that they appear in your mind.  I'd bought some beautiful covering paper from a bookbinders in Halifax a few years ago, which had a mottled, wood-effect design, and with this in mind, I made a small slipcase in which to house the concertina and covered it with the paper.  I kind of liked it as it was and decided against any more additional touches.

Thanks for reading.  Until next time, bye for now!

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