Saturday, 31 December 2016

End of year musings

It's that time again - and, as always, I find myself in reflective mode, thinking about the year gone by; what I've achieved, what I've messed up, and pondering what next year will bring.

I don't do New Year's resolutions any more - too much pressure.  I always start off with the usual good intentions - lose weight, get fit, eat healthy, cut down on the alcohol - until about the second week in January, when you realise what a rubbish month it is, and you need something (usually in the form of unhealthy food or alcohol) to cheer yourself up.

I know, on a general level, that 2016 has not been a vintage year - political upheaval, and a seemingly unprecedented high level of celebrity deaths being amongst the contributory factors - but on a personal level, 2016 feels somewhat like the year when I began to pick myself up.  After a tough few years which had seen me witness my mother's deterioration and subsequent death from cancer, followed by my father's death six months later, and some extra 'goodies' such as illness, redundancy, severe depression, and strained family relationships thrown in for good measure, I felt as though maybe things were starting to pick up for me in 2016.

From the outside, nothing much had changed, but my attitude and outlook became more receptive to change and possibilities.  Top of the list was finding the passion to create again.  For so long, I hadn't wanted to create anything - I didn't see the point and I just felt dead inside.  So when the desire to create re-surfaced, it was significant for me on so many levels.  In addition, re-opening my Etsy shop and making some sales, AND getting some wonderful, heartfelt feedback was EVERYTHING, and made me realise that my work did have a point after all.  Coupled with this, I realised what a wonderful set of friends and immediate family I have, and how grateful I am for their support.  So I end the year feeling blessed, daring to be hopeful for the future, and trying to forget about the bad things in the past - a sentiment echoed in this quote:

"Sometimes you have to forget what's gone, appreciate what remains, and look forward to what's coming next."

To everyone, best wishes for 2017 - Enjoy! x

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