Tuesday, 4 September 2012

'The Raven' post-binding journal

My latest project is this A5 size landscape book which is crafted in the post-binding style.

The main advantage of this style is that pages are refillable, and the journal has more longevity, and can be used again once the pages have been replaced.  I also like to think that the replaceable nature of the pages helps overcome the reluctance one often has to begin writing or sketching in a beautiful journal for fear of 'spoiling' it.

Chunky Raven Leather Journal with Black Paper by silverwillowstar

Nevermore Raven Journal Notebook 
by KandysKeepsakes

This particular journal was influenced firstly by Edgar Allan Poe, whose work I have dipped in and out of regularly in the past, particularly 'The Raven', which seems to have inspired a number of wonderful book designs, (see above) and a number of Treasuries on Etsy.  The 'bird on a branch' image was placed under a glass cabochon, and anchored firmly in the bottom right hand corner of the slightly padded front cover.

As so often happens when creating new designs, the ideas I had in my head (the same ones which kept me awake at night) didn't translate into reality quite as I had wished.  The original intention was to create a detachable brooch, influenced by the wonderfully inspiring 'Gothic Jewellery' by Harriet Smith, with pieces of black linen and lace forming a 'dead corsage' within which I was going to place the cabochon.  When I actually got around to doing it, I wasn't happy with the result.  It worked wonderfully as a brooch in its own right, but on the book, it just didn't work.  So I placed the cabochon on its own on the cover, and now I actually quite like the simplicity of the look.

Inside the book, I've lined the boards with some faded blue and grey vintage-style patterned paper, and added a handy pocket in matching paper for the inside back page.

I'm planning to make more journals in this post-binding style, so I'll keep you posted for any updates.

Have a great week!


  1. Thanks so much for mentioning my journal. I loved your raven. Your shop is awesome!

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you Sarah! Please do have a look at my Etsy shop http://www.etsy.com/shop/glassroofbooks as I'm adding new things all the time.

      Love your work too!
      Sara x