Monday, 17 September 2012

C is for Cancer Research

My legs have just about returned to normal following my epic half marathon walk on Saturday 8th September, in aid of Cancer Research UK.  Taking part in the 'Shine' walk through the night in Manchester city centre was an amazing experience, despite the aches and blisters, not to mention the two hour wait before we even started walking.  But it felt good to be contributing in some small way to a very worthwhile cause. 
Before the walk - all smiles

The number of people taking part who had obviously been personally affected by cancer in some way was staggering.  Up until now, cancer had not directly impacted upon my life - I knew some people who had survived cancer, some who had died, but the 'C' word still felt far enough away for me to feel somewhat detached from it.  Like witnessing distressing news reports, you watch and feel for those affected, but you can still sleep soundly at night, safe in the knowledge that it won't directly affect you.  How ironic then, that I should learn the news, whilst still basking in the glory of completing my half marathon, that my own mother was suffering from cancer.  It's been a shock, but we're taking one day at a time, and hoping for a positive outcome.  So next time someone tells you they're raising money for Cancer Research, please donate - you never know, one day cancer could personally affect you.

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