Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Walking for charity

Back from a few days break in lovely Wales, I'm taking this opportunity to publicise this event - Shine Manchester 2011 - which my hubby and I are taking part in very soon.  The event involves us walking thirteen miles around Manchester in the middle of the night, in aid of Cancer Research UK.

My 'training' which started several weeks ago in preparation for the big event, has involved lots of long walks with my other half and my daughter.  Some have been leisurely, some a bit more challenging, but somewhat surprisingly, for someone who doesn't like exercise much, all have been incredibly enjoyable, giving me a new perspective on the beauty of this country's landscape.  Recent walks have taken in Watergrove and Dovestones Reservoirs in Rochdale and Oldham, Stoodley Pike in Hebden Bridge, and Robin Hood's Bed at Blackstone Edge in Littleborough, while in Anglesey, our walk through the Newborough Forest was, at times, almost spiritual in its peace and tranquility.

It's been fascinating to delve into the history of some of these places.  Particularly fascinating was the story of Watergrove, previously a village developed in the mid 19th century, but developed into a reservoir during the 1930s.  During periods of drought, the foundations and cobbled roads can still be seen.

Please support the Shine event in any way you can.  In the meantime, have a great week!

Watergrove Village

Watergrove Reservoir today                    

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