Thursday, 16 August 2012

Vintage loveliness

Apologies for lack of recent blogging activity.  Health and family matters, work commitments, and the demands of a 7 year old daughter during the school holidays have all overtaken me, and knocked me temporarily off-balance.  (By the way, avoid the local swimming baths during the school hols - unless your idea of entertainment is being repeatedly splashed by overweight dive-bombing teenagers, and exhibitionist canoodling couples...but that's another story...)  But I'm gradually getting back on track, and attempting to devote more time to my craft. 

My most recent project was inspired by a lifelong love of 1950s fashion.  I've made up some single signature (pamphlet-style) case-bound notebooks, and covered them in bookcloth, skivertex, or plain coloured fabric, backed with paper.  The frocks on the front were adapted from old 1950s dressmaking patterns, onto which I've added my own embellishments - a touch of fabric here, a gemstone or ribbon there.  Some of them were coated with crystal resin - purely because I had some left over from another project and was curious to find out how they would turn out.  I'm hoping to take part in the Altrincham Vintage and Craft Fair on Sunday - would be great to see you there.
Have a great week!

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