Wednesday, 9 November 2011 live event in Manchester

I was lucky enough to attend the live event yesterday at the Lowry Hotel in Manchester.  Organised to help mums find information on flexible working and starting a business, the event featured some excellent seminars. 

'Working for yourself - practical steps and options' featured three guest speakers: Iain McIlwee, from PCG, who explained some of the benefits of working as a freelancer; Paul Southworth from The Direct Selling Association, who aimed to explode the myth that direct selling was little more than a means of earning pin money; and Rachel Ray, founder of Bright & Beautiful, who provided an excellent introduction into the world of franchising.

The afternoon's sessions kicked off with 'Setting up your own business - Social Marketing & PR'.  Possibly my favourite seminar of the day, Naomi Timperley, who launched Baby Loves Disco in the UK, and Social Media Boom, gave a fascinating introduction into the world of social networking, helping to unravel some of the mysteries of Twitter and Facebook.

Finally, speakers Bernie Cox of the Women's Organisation and Neil Lewis of MediaMoDo provided some practical information on the subject of Business Planning.   

All in all, an interesting and informative event, which I'd recommend to any mums thinking of setting up their own business.

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