Monday, 21 November 2011

Book Press

Christmas came early for me last week when I took ownership of my nipping press, thanks to my beloved husband, who bid for it on eBay.  A combined Christmas and birthday present from my other half, these things don't come cheap, even second hand.  We travelled to Congleton (nice place), and collected the press, which my hubby struggled to place in the boot of the car, not realising how heavy these things are.  Struggling to catch his breath, we drove back to Manchester, the car noticeably heavier.  Then came the fun part of trying to get the damn thing into the house.  We struggled, but together, somehow, we got the nipping press into the living room, amidst much huffing and puffing, and giggling.  And there it remains, tucked away in a corner of the living room (God forbid if anyone should stub their toe on it!!).  Unfortunately, it's doubtful that it will move from its resting place, as hubby is afraid it will go straight through the floor if moved to the conservatory, where I do most of my bookbinding.  But I think you'll agree, it's a real beauty.

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