Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Steampunk adventures

The appeal of steampunk appears to show no signs of diminishing.  My latest notebook pays tribute to this genre, using these wonderful sprocket gears from Tim Holz, and patterned endpapers containing steampunk motifs.

Originating in the 1980s, the steampunk genre incorporates elements of science fiction, technology and the Victorian Age.  The 'steam' refers to the steam power of the nineteenth century, and 'punk' is a reference to the 'cyberpunk' style.

Steampunk's influence can be seen in elements of fashion, design and jewellery, and there are some stunning examples on Etsy - too many to mention really, but these are a few of my particular favourites.

Aranwen's Jewelry produces amazing examples of Victorian and steampunk jewellery, one of my favourites being this steampunk watch cuff in Brass and Silver.

Also of note is Le Boudoir Noir  - this pocket watch pendant is a gorgeous example of the steampunk style.

Steampunknation  produces some wonderful steampunk pieces.  I love this Steampunk Octopus necklace.


Journals and notebooks can also be given the steampunk treatment.  This Steampunk steam engine coptic stitched blank pocket journal from Mamayo Journals is a lovely example.

Have a great week everyone!

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  1. Your notebook is wonderful. Thank you for featuring my work in your post!