Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Psychedelia meets Victorian pin-up

My talented dressmaker friend Jane from Jane Moran Designs, at the Traders' Outlet in Sale gave me this wonderful piece of fabric, which so far I have been able to make two books from.  It's a remnant from one of her fabulous creations, and features some rather saucy images of scantily clad ladies, alongside some amazing colour combinations.  The whole piece has a 1960s psychedelic feel to it era, combined with pin-up pictures from the Victorian era, the style of which also made something of a comeback during the 1960s.

I've managed to use the more 'tasteful' parts of the fabric - editing out the naughtier bits, and have combined the vibrant fabric with bright orange endpapers.

I did consider adding a fancy Victoriana-inspired closure mechanism, but decided against it, as I think the fabric speaks for itself.

The remaining fabric was used to cover a miniature book, to which I have added a teal-coloured, silk dupion drawstring pouch.

I love this part of the fabric even more - all those swirly colour combinations are simply beautiful.  It got me searching on Etsy for items with a similar psychedelic vibe - here's a few of my favourites.

I love this abstract neon painting from ChromaMetalArt - such wonderful


This digital collage sheet from RetropolisPix captures the Victorian pin-up feel of my fabric.

These psychedelic push pins from Funkychickendesign are a great way to enjoy the psychedelic vibe.

Have a great week everyone!


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