Monday, 2 April 2012

Social media overload

Last week started off well with a sale to Los Angeles of all places.  And with this 'success' still fresh in my mind, I attended the Web Fuelled Business event in Leeds on Wednesday.  Along with my sister, I spent around six hours trying to absorb as much information as I could on search engine optimisation, e-commerce and social media.  The event was full of useful advice and was free!  I'd recommend it to anyone thinking of setting up their own business, and it was good to see so many fellow creative entrepreneurs there.

Thursday and Friday, I worked on making up some bookblocks, ready to make up my new designs.  There's something very therapeutic about folding and tearing paper: it's fairly undemanding, and soothing, a great way to chill out.  Then during the unseasonably warm weather on Friday, I worked on getting my accounts up to date.  As a former librarian and cataloguer, I tend to be borderline obsessive about attention to detail and like to have things in order.  Unfortunately this philosophy only extends as far as my work.  I'd love to say that my house was neat and tidy, and that my clothes are all hanging neatly in colour-co-ordinated bliss in my wardrobe, but alas, it is not the case.  My house is usually downright messy, or as my friend tactfully puts it - 'homely'.

The week was rounded off with a glorious trip to the Yorkshire Dales, which just happily coincided with the beautiful weather.

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