Tuesday, 6 March 2012

In memory of Teddy

Apologies for this off-topic blog posting, but I'd like to appeal for help in light of this distressing incident which occurred last week.  I'm posting this on behalf of my sister, and would urge you please to consider signing the e-petition, and to spread the word.  Thank you.

This is Cumbreck Rockin Robin AKA Teddy. He was the youngest of our four Jack Russells; the baby, our baby. He was a feisty, energetic and loyal pet, but also a steady friend. On the 28th of February 2012 Teddy was brutally, and fatally, attacked by another owner's dog in our own back garden. My younger Son was the only one at home at the time, he was present for the attack, and remains extremely traumatized. I'm sure none of us would want to imagine what he has been through. The dog that attacked Teddy is suspected to be part banned breed, however even if that is found to be the case, the dog will still be returned to its owner. The implications of that are horrifically unjust and unsafe. The police cannot take action against the owner or the dog under the current law. It's bureaucratic and impersonal nonsense. We have to fix this. That dog has attacked before, ripping half another dog's ear off, it will attack again. Who's next? Another of our dogs, one of the neighbourhood dogs, or someone's child? This is not a case of a dog being a dog, this is a temperament problem. Simply because the dog is not full banned breed does not mean that it is not a dangerous, murderous and terrifying presence for everyone who lives here. Sadly the case may be that the neglectful owner has turned the dog into such a beast, due to it being kept outside for days at a time and left to mire in the filth of the owners back garden. We need to take action, but we cannot do it alone. So please take the time to read this petition, and if you agree, please sign. This cannot go on, Teddy's death cannot be for nothing.


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