Thursday, 29 September 2011

18th century inspiration

I've always loved the various styles of the 18th century.  And it's lovely to see so many of my fellow Etsy sellers who share this appreciation.  My latest journal was inspired by the decadence of the 18th century, with this wonderful paper-backed fabric which evokes the feeling of 18th century dress fabric.  It goes perfectly with the dark green book cloth, which I've used on the spine and the corners of the book.
The finishing touch to the book is a cabochon, in a bronze, antique-effect setting.  Inserted into this is an image, based on a painting by Fragonard ('The Love Letter'), which depicts a lady in full magnificent 18th century attire, glancing furtively over her shoulder as she reads a love letter.  It's my first attempt at cabochons - quite pleased with the results, but as is often the case, next time I'll do things differently.  Any hardened cabochon-users out there?  Please do let me know if you have any advice you'd be happy to share.
The matching slipcase is covered in the dark green book cloth used on the spine and corners of the book, whilst internally, the slipcase is lined with green and gold patterned paper.
And so there is my personal homage to 18th century style.  New designs will be posted soon, including Autumn and Halloween-inspired books.  Watch this space!

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