Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Abstract-style bindings

My latest collection of mini notebooks features bright colours, bold abstract shapes, and a touch of gold tooling.  Having long been inspired by the work of many designer bookbinders, I began experimenting with inlays and gold tooling, using not leather but skivertex - a book covering material which has the appearance of leather, but is much finer, and is available in some amazing colours and finishes.

The notebooks are smaller than usual, the bookblocks sewn using French stitching with brightly coloured endpapers and skivertex covers.  Each design features random shapes which have been cut out in greyboard, and imprinted onto the book's covers in order to create a recess.  Into these recesses have been glued coloured pieces of skivertex.  Other books have been created by overlaying a handmade stencil over the cover in order to let the background colours show through.

In addition I've added some gold tooling (well, copper tooling actually), just to give them a bit of bling.  I've enjoyed making these books - I love the bright colours, abstract shapes, and I've been happy with the way the whole effect has come together.

The Designer Bookbinders website has some fabulous examples of abstract-style bindings, and I have included a few of my favourites here.  I would love to be able to produce work to this standard one day...

Binding by Jeanette Koch

Binding by Lester Capon

 Binding by Derek Hood

There are also a few gems out there on Etsy which I discovered whilst researching this post:

This coptic bound notebook by TheGiftShed was inspired by a greetings card.  The bright colours and shapes were a key feature, and resulted in this beautiful book.

This notebook by TheMojaveRose features another wonderful abstract design using bold shapes and colours.  The design has been finished with an acrylic medium which gives it extra flexibility and protection.

Hope you've enjoyed this post.  Until next time, have fun!

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