Monday, 5 November 2012

Remember remember...

Hello everyone.  Well, Bonfire night is upon us again, but I have to admit that I'm feeling my age and am in real danger of turning into a grumpy old woman.  The fireworks just seem TOO LOUD!  Or is it just me?  My childhood memories of Bonfire Night consist mainly of watching Catherine wheels spinning round, before dangerously flying off  the garage wall, to which they were supposed to be firmly attached, of making patterns with sprinklers, held tightly in mitten-gloved hands, and of (rather tame) rocket fireworks being lit on our lawn, having spent the previous few weeks in the requisite tin box.

Nowadays, in the age of increased health and safety awareness, I suspect most firework demonstrations are of the professional, 'properly organised' variety.  (Images of my dad going back to check on an improperly lit firework, embedded in a pile of sand springs to my mind).  But with organised firework displays increasingly being the norm, the fireworks seem to be bigger and louder, and seem to go on well before AND after Bonfire Night (see - 'Grumpy old woman' status has definitely kicked in).

But, in spite of all this, Bonfire Night still makes me feel nostalgic, and makes me feel as though Winter (my favourite season) has truly begun.  It's the combination of the cold night air on your face, whilst being wrapped up in your warm winter clothes, and enjoying the spectacle of light against the night sky...if only it wasn't so noisy! 

So, embracing the spectacle and tradition which is Bonfire Night, here's my selection of fireworks and Guy Fawkes-themed goodies from Etsy.

Guy Fawkes Paper Sculpture Kit by MakeNLearn

I love this paper sculpture kit from MakeNLearn, depicting the man without whom none of us would be enjoying the 5th November.  Remarkably effective, quite eerie and educational too.  I think it's a great product.

Firework pendant by somethingtodobeads

I love the colours and vibrant feel of this polymer clay        pendant by somethingtodobeads which really conveys the excitement of Bonfire Night.

Black firework arm warmers by SecrettSerendipity

Finally, I love these Black Firework Arm Warmers by SecrettSerendipity.
Beautiful fabric, and a truly novel way to get into the whole Bonfire Night vibe!

However you decide to enjoy Bonfire Night, stay safe and have fun!!
Until next time, have a great week!

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  1. Thanks for putting the paper sculpture of our Guy on your blog. Soon I'll be listing our American Pilgrim and Santa Claus make-it-yourself kits too!